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Corporate Governance

Anti Corruption Policy

The Company is committed to preventing acts of Gratification, Fraud, Money laundering and terrorism financing while carrying out activities business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.




Give & Receive


The company ensures that in carrying out its duties and responsibilities carried out by each individual, to always take care of the Customer, Shareholders, Business Partners, Colleagues, and the public from various matters detrimental.


It is forbidden to give or receive, directly or indirectly direct gifts or the like to related parties with the company, where the giving or receiving is known or should be suspected as a bribe to influence something in office.






Acts of deviation or omission that are intentionally carried out to defraud, deceive, or manipulate the Company, Customers, or other parties others, that occur within the Company's environment, resulting in The company, customer or other party suffers a loss. CORRUPTION


Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing


The company ensures that all employees are not involved and/or participate as well as in the conduct of corruption as well as money laundering and funding terrorism, whether directly perpetrated by individuals or certain groups as regulated in the legislation applicable.



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