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Application of Anti Money Laundering & Prevention on Financing for Terrorism

The implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism Application (AML and CFT) programs is a very important thing to do so that the Company is not used by certain parties as a tool or media in conducting money laundering and terrorism financing. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a good know your customer process before and after conducting business relations with consumers. This is a tool to get to know every consumer who will have a business relationship with the Company, so that the Company can minimize the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing. Documents obtained during a business relationship must be updated to suit the actual conditions of the consumer. The process is carried out in the following manner:


image apu flow


In addition, to ensure the seriousness of the Company in implementing the AML and CFT programs, the Company has prepared a Policy Statement for the Implementation of the AML and CFT Program which has been signed by all Directors. This shows that the Board of Directors is strongly committed to implementing good AML and CFT programs so that it becomes a culture that can be applied across

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